SAI.TECH Announces Presence at the 2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit

SINGAPORE, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SAI.TECH Global Corporation (“SAI.TECH” or “SAI” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SAI, SAITW), announced its presence at the upcoming 2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit, taking place on June 23 in Maryland, the United States. The event serves as a pivotal platform for fostering business investment, connecting thousands of investors, companies, economic development organizations (EDOs), and industry experts.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is renowned for its role in facilitating international tech startups looking to introduce innovative technology products and services to the U.S. market within the next 2-3 years.

Dr. Tao Wu has been invited to showcase SAI's ground-breaking initiatives, including the introduction of its Computing Heat Recycling R&D Center in Marietta, OH. This center is equipped with the innovative Advanced Computing Center Ecosystem (ACCE), featuring the WITBOX, HEATBOX, and USERBOX systems.

  • The WITBOX system hosts high-performance computing servers utilizing various liquid cooling technologies, which not only enhances efficiency in dissipating heat from server components but also facilitates the capture of computing heat for recycling. The WITBOX system can capture over 97% of the heat generated from computing servers.
  • The HEATBOX system is designed to transfer, upgrade, supply, and regulate recycled computing heat, capable of demand-response heat supply and providing heating within a temperature range from 120°F to 290°F.
  • The USERBOX system supports computing heat recycling applications, offering integrated solutions and products tailored for heating scenarios across various demands and industrial fields.

In recognition of its commitment to innovation and education, SAI's sponsored Computing Heat Recycle Center Education Program has received accolades from the Marietta local government. Additionally, grants from the Marietta Community Foundation have been awarded to support this initiative. The program aims to engage students from local educational institutions in practical learning opportunities, providing them with valuable insights into data center artificial intelligence and computing heat recycling for greenhouse operations.

"The United States has always been an important market for our strategic plan. We formed a US subsidiary in 2022 and were listed on Nasdaq in May, 2022," said Dr. Tao Wu, "SAIHEAT's participation in the 2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit underscores our unwavering commitment to pioneering sustainable technology solutions."


SAI.TECH is a Nasdaq-listed (SAI) sustainable distributed bitcoin mining operator headquartered in Singapore. SAI’s mission is to become a sustainable distributed digital asset mining operator and heating supplier globally, while simultaneously promote the clean transition of the bitcoin mining, power and heating industries.

In May 2022, SAI became a publicly traded company under the new ticker symbol “SAI” on the Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) through a merger with TradeUP Global Corporation. For more information on SAI.TECH, please visit

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