SAI.TECH Announces Launch of New Liquid Cooling Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure Products

SINGAPORE, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SAI.TECH Global Corporation (“SAI.TECH”, “SAI” or the “Company”, NASDAQ: SAI), a global energy-saving bitcoin mining operator and a clean-tech company that integrates bitcoin mining, heating, and power industries, today announced adding two new products -- TANKBOX and RACKBOX, to its SAIHUB BOX product line. Separately designed with immersion cooling and plate cooling technologies, TANKBOX and RACKBOX are adaptive to any outdoors installation environments and compatible with all models of miners in the market.

SAIHUB is industry leading Bitcoin mining solution that integrates SAI.TECH’s advanced liquid cooling and waste heat recovery technologies, including CAB, BOX, APP and PCB four core products. CAB and BOX are SAI.TECH's hardware product line designed with its unique and patented liquid cooling and ASIC chips waste heat recovery technologies that can reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency of Bitcoin mining operation. The company is adding two new hardware products – TANKBOX and RACKBOX besides the existing product SAIHUB CAB.

SAIHUB CAB is SAIHUB's first generation indoor cabinet product. It is equipped with advanced cold-plate liquid cooling technology and waste heat recovery technology which can achieve 90% thermal efficiency recycled from ASIC chips. Each SAIHUB-CAB is able to accommodate a maximum of 72 Whatsminer's air-cooled mining rigs for a total hash rate of around 5PH/s and provide ~60°C hot water. Recently, SAIHUB-CAB has been awarded with UL Listing Certification.

TANKBOX is compatible with all and any brand, series air-cooled mining machines on the market because it applies advanced immersion cooling technology. Depending on the miner type, TANKBOX can accommodate 72-144 units miners and provide a total hash rate of 12-20PH/s, even without the overlock setting. TANKBOX is also equipped with heat recovery system and can provide ~50°C hot water outflow. TANKBOX is expected to be officially launched to market by the end of 2022.

RACKBOX can accommodate 90 units Whatsminer's latest liquid-cooling miners including M33S+, M33S++, M53 etc. and provide a total hash rate of 18-20PH/s as an integrated solution. With overlock, RACKBOX can achieve 24-26PH/s per container. With liquid-cooling miners' flexible option of overclocking and underclocking, RACKBOX helps mining operators achieve increased profit during the entire Bitcoin cycle by reducing the power-off risk in the bear market and gaining excess return in the bull market. Also, RACKBOX is capable of recover waste heat and can provide ~60°C hot water. RACKBOX is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Both RACKBOX and TANKBOX are prefabricated in the factory and designed in the form of a "BOX" (20ft container). Integrating all the components altogether, including cabinets, power, control, water circulation and other systems, they can be deployed on-site quickly with less installation costs and better-quality control. It’s also ideal for utilizing idle energy such as flared gas because it’s highly mobile and recyclable. In practice, users can build up a mining site of any scale on empty land with RACKBOX or TANKBOX, and initiate operation by simply plugging in power, Internet connection and water inlet.

"TANKBOX and RACKBOX are compatible with all air-cooling and liquid-cooling miners on the market with our unique waste heat recovery capability. Announcing the launch of these two new products further demonstrates our deep and industry leading know-how in liquid cooling and waste heat recovery, brings exciting news to the Bitcoin mining industry and effectively enables the sustainable future of Bitcoin mining infrastructure," said SAI.TECH's founder and CEO Arthur Lee. "We look forward to seeing more industry players applying SAIHUB products in their datacenter, heating facility and idle energy source sites. SAI is definitely leading these efforts."

SAI.TECH is an energy-saving bitcoin mining operator and a clean-tech company that integrates the bitcoin mining, power, and heating industries. SAI.TECH uses proprietary liquid cooling and waste heat recovery technology for its digital asset mining machines, utilizing waste heat to provide recycled energy and heating to potential customers while lowering mining operating costs. SAI.TECH strives to become the most cost-efficient digital asset mining operations company globally while simultaneously promoting the clean transition of the bitcoin mining, power, and heating industries.
In May 2022, SAI became a publicly trading company under the new ticker symbol “SAI” on the Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) through a merger with TradeUP Global Corporation ("TradeUP").
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