Jinlong Zhu
Independent Director

Jinlong Zhu is nominated as an independent director. Dr. Zhu is currently serving as a tenured associate professor at Southern University of Science and Technology, where he leads a project of solid-electrolyte battery materials supported by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Program. From November 2016 to June 2019, Dr. Zhu served as a staff scientist in HPSTAR (Center for High-Pressure Science &Technology Advanced Research). Since August 2010, Dr. Zhu has had three years of post-doctorate experience at LANSCE (Los Alamos National Lab). Dr. Zhu also has two years of post-doctorate experience and one year experience as a research associate at HPSEC (High-Pressure Size Exclusion Chromatography); which is supported by the U.S. DOE (United States Department of Energy) and National Nuclear Security Administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he worked on functional materials, nature clathrates, and battery materials by using large facilities, like neutron source, and synchrotron radiation. He received funding in connection with an ARPA-E project (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy — a project supported by the U.S. DOE and in which Professor Goodenough is a team member) and as a Nobel Prize winner. Dr. Zhu holds a Ph.D. degree in physics: Condensed Matter Physics from the Institute of Physics CAS. Dr. Zhu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Materials Science from Zhejiang University.

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